The light of avatars

heartwood-creek-christmas-collection-the-light-of-the-world-holy-family-by-cathedral-window-figurineHumanity has been blessed by a number of avatars through its history. Each spiritual tradition holds the stories of blessed ones coming, teaching, and then leaving the physical form with the promise to be present nonetheless.

Most of the world’s traditions speak of the blessed one birthing into human existence. With some, it is a miraculous virgin birth, with others a dream and omen laden conception, and then miracles attending the birth. The mother is always pious, pure in heart, and generous through words and actions.

These beings are avatars – a Sanskrit word that means blessed one of a very rare and auspicious order. The avatars that come to humanity have embodied and taught the same principles over and over again: the power and truth of compassion, the interconnected oneness of Life, and that this power lies within everyone. To live from it is to empower the oneness of Life. Thus, they have all taught of virtue and wisdom, governance based upon these principles, and life emancipated from pain and sorrow as a result.

Each avatar has encouraged humanity – you and I – to live the highest the each of us is capable of, knowing that this is the true gift of the spirit. A life vibrationally well lived is a life that gives to life. And, so, each one has showed us this with his or her life, showed us that there is no greater gift to give than a life a love.

Merry Christmas – and blessings of Light!


Downloadable: Gen: Avatars of Love

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