14a: Living from awareness

how-to-calm-down-from-anxiety-or-panic-and-live-a-peaceful-lifeHundreds of books have been written on meditation, some from great masters of the art and science of it. Meditation thrives in a variety of spiritual and secular systems and, though variety abounds in styles and techniques of meditation, the essential components are the same in all systems. This is because those particular factors of meditation are what make it work.

What is it that is actually working, then? Your awareness. It is being brought more into the forefront of who and what you are by learning the skills of settling, conscious breathing, and of meditative concentration. With these in place – together with all that each includes and elicits from within – a practitioner will experience shifts in awareness and inner presence.

If the practitioner has practiced meditation, then meditation will result. This is like a child playing scales on an instrument. Practice will bring forward the ability to play.

This week, we experience meditation and the living awareness that pervades our life.


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