Join me for Tibetan Imagery and its meaning

manjushriTuesday, March 31, I will give a free webinar on The Symbolism of Tibetan Imagery and Thangkas. This webinar is a taste of the six-session (week) online course that follows beginning April 7.

Tibetan imagery is one of the world’s symbolic forms of art. It is intended to inform and instruct. The information relates to the psyche, levels of consciousness, and presentations of Reality. The instruction covers all layers of life experience and meditation. Join me for both. Details and to register

Online courses are convenient – the webcast of each session can be viewed at your convenience, if the time of the class does not work for your life schedule. Also, online courses are “green”, with no transportation needed. Here is the agenda for the six sessions.

Week One: Oneness and Mandala
Week Two: The foundation of Two
Week Three: The three Three’s
Week Four: The Four powers
Week Five: The Five primary colors
Week Six: The Six virtues

See Blazing Light blog for some articles related to Buddhist principles applied to life.

Or do a meditation here on The Practice of Living Awareness blog that uses some of the principles or imagery from the Buddhist stream.

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