Inner Rainbow Vibrations

There is a significant teaching at the beginning of the podcast. It restates the particular emphasis being engaged with this Intermediate round of meditations. My focus is training the practitioners in the inner anatomy with the intention of maturing the capacity of the practitioner in both meditation and in his or her life of awareness.

This meditation (once we get to it) invites the subtle recognition of the layers of vibration within a breath or within conscious breathing. Those layers of vibration are one way by which the chakras, their fields, and capacities can be known. The chakras or centers have form, yes, but we are mistaken if we think of them or perceive them similar to organs (form in that way). Instead, they are aperatures of vibration. As such, the centers (chakras) open into worlds of awareness and are the apparatus by which a human being can perceive layers – even realms – of awareness.

Are they lotuses or wheels or vortexes? Yes, but these considerations focus on densification. My goal with this round for the Intermediate practitioners is a subtle and more mature recognition of the subtle apparatus and, with that, the subtle states of consciousness that are going on all the time. Thereby a maturing of the apparatus is possible, as well as the practitioner’s capacity, and therefore change in the world through that practitioner’s life.


Downloadable podcast: Inner rainbow vibrations

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