**One continuity: heart-mind

Colorful-Vortex verticalIn most indigenous cultures around the world, the heart and mind have been known as one. The teachings have never emphasized the head over the heart but, instead, as the Tao te Ching states, without the heart the head is of little use.

Step 6 of The Practice of Living Awareness invites the practitioner to abide in this truth. A human being is a sensate being. We can attune to various layers of vibration when we choose, if we have not had sensitivity drummed out of us by selfishness, aggression, and apathy. Step 6, heart-mind, brings us to the tenderness that is the source of the fearlessness of the heart. When these, tenderness and fearlessness, direct the mind then a human being lives an empowered and beneficial life.

Do you know your heart?


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