Buddha, Christ, Shamballa: we are this.

space-4-021114-ykwv1In our generation stage meditation today, let’s use on time for this alignment.

We set up straight and align for meditation. We align with the highest presences.

Smile aligns us in clarity and bliss, in dynamic presence, and we realize the Ground of Being.

We invoke the Christ nature which is the living expression of the heart. With that, we invoke the living expression of humanity is possible to achieve: spiritual excellence. We invoke Hierarchy, the Masters, disciples, aspirants, and all people of goodwill. Doing so, we invoke our capacity to master the inner forces within ourselves, and to bring forward well-being for all through living according to laws of the heart.

We align with pure spiritual Purpose, Shamballa. In that, we find the insistence and crowning purpose of life on earth: pure Peace, radiant Beauty, complete open Awareness, and limitless Interconnectedness and Interdependence. As we align to the highest will there is, we align to compassion, its wisdom, and all forms of creative expression. Life on Earth is this, and everything on Earth is designed and intended to express this purpose.

Aligning these qualities within ourselves – not merely aligning to them – we experience and realize that these qualities are innate within:

  • Christ consciousness and the living expression of the heart,
  • and pure spiritual Purpose which expresses through Peace, Beauty, Awareness, and Interdependence).

This brings forward the understanding that we are buddha nature:

  • pure, profound Peace,
  • beyond all concept in its range of expression,
  • and the limitlessness of its will. As we experience this, we come to realize that buddha nature is the vibration and energy of Compassion itself. Furthermore, we come to experience and realize that Compassion is the mother of all light and radiance, all bliss and beauty, as well as all desire. Ultimately, we come to the simplicity that all this is Love and is our nature and therefore directs our capacity for livingness and creative expression.

Aligned as such, we realize ourselves vibrating and thus realize that we are the vibrations of Christ and Hierarchy, of buddha nature and all the Buddhas, of Shamballa and the purpose of the world.

The Full Moon cycle is five days long. Use this meditation as often as you choose. Also, the world celebrates Wesak in both May and June (according to local tradition). You can use this meditation during both full moon cycles.


Downloadable podcast: Generating a Wesak alignment – we are this

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