Embodiment of celestial proportions

Great are the shoulders and treatises that the current new age teachers and spiritual mentors stand upon. The ancient mysteries have fostered humanity for ages beyond time. We do well to honor this fact and to understand that the current erudite teachers that guide us by example and method were trained through several previous lives. They bring back that which their teachers gave them. They bring back the timeless teachings.

I remember my training in the Egyptian Mysteries tens of thousands of years ago. I remember my childhood among the Essenes, then among the Pythagoreans, and the monasteries that sought to embody the mystical Christ. I remember well my training in meditation through the Raja Yoga system, the Zen branch of realization, and the Tibetan forms of ritual. Equally, I remember the way of the Earth and of the People as I lived on the Plains. All of these systems of mentoring had core principles in common: we are one with all that exists, we are responsible to all that exists, humility is a great strength, and the fearlessness of the heart is the greatest power.

My friends, now – now is the time to remember not only more of who and what you are – but to honor the lives of teaching and training in oneness and harmony that you have received. We are vibrations ringing. We are the microcosmic proportion of macrocosmic principles. Let us sing and smile and be glad because we can live these truths of Being and, thereby, create anew.

For the world!

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