You are necessary: the birthing of a new humanity

necessary intermediate.001We, who teach meditation, spiritual well-being, or the inner sciences, are all saying the same thing. We are joined by those who are opening the paradigms of science, psychology, the understanding of vibration and morphic fields: we’re all saying the same thing. Humanity is either destroying itself or birthing a new level of awareness and appreciation of the wholeness of life; and you are necessary.

We speak from the discipline we are focused in; each says it from his or her direct experience: you and I and everyone we know are necessary to the fostering of and the support of a new humanity.

Meditation is a focus of mine, along with the spiritual sciences and vibrational-telepathic relation of all beings to one another. Yet, bias or not, meditation and contemplation seem to be that which makes all other human excellences possible, which is why I teach meditation and practice it fully myself.

Your goodness, your clarity, your ethical and empathic choices in business, food, environment, and social norms are the very foundation for the goodness of the world. How flipping powerful is that!!! How simple! and how vibrant a life to live. Yes! Thank you for meditating and being a good human being.


Downloadable podcast: Necessary to a new humanity

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