From a person who did this meditation at the live online session:

“I had such deep connection, internal worlds of feeling, images…. of flowers around her neck & jewels everywhere, dancing feet, and huge coursing currents of enormous rivers, and yes fire.

Then joyous /jangly /chaotic, but not really; sounds of the arati being chanted by shriparvata-shakti-peethmillions while millions of hands offering light to her, and she shines it all right back. Then of her dancing and Earth as her navel. And her huge, unnameable vastness & our calling her in together or rather calling ourselves to her presence right here, always. And then all of us with hands flowing her energy out into the earth, all the Earth and then very specifically, to Nepal & Katmandu.

thank you…. thank you.”

The magic of a guided meditation is that the practitioner’s inner senses come online and reveal worlds of energy and various forms of compassion. Almost none of what this person experienced was in the words of guidance but came forward in her state of meditation. So, it is for all of us. The inner presence uses any opportunity to make more of Wholeness known.

Downloadable podcast: MahaShakti

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