Creation: buddha karma

green taraThis sitting is a contemplation of the origin of all beauty and manifestation on Earth – the buddhic plane. The word buddhi also is the source of the word buddha or related words. It is the macrocosmic plane from which the pure Soul descends into worlds of form. Green Tara seeded this meditation.

Here are some thoughts extracted from the meditation:

The buddhic plane is the origin of all that we know as form, which is why the world and why all kingdoms in nature display beauty. Humanity, being the youngest kingdom, is learning to live this buddhic nature.

All excellence comes from the buddhic plane and one’s life is sourced from the buddhic plane. Buddhi is why beauty is accessible to everyone and why creative inspiration and genius happen, also why bliss and ecstasy happen. Buddhi is the reason why love and relation are a driving force in all kingdoms of earth – even unto chemical bond and electro-magnetism. Buddhi is the plane where all seeming opposites are known as One – as whole. In buddhi there is only the experience of wholeness, experienced as harmony and beauty among other qualities and conditions: all things in right measure, right order, integral aspects of one thriving wholeness.

In addition to all of this is the fact that Soul, in its majesty and glory, is the intercessor between buddhi and buddhic realization of Awareness-Being and the possibilities of manifestation. Origin-buddhi ensues a process in order to produce a pattern of vibration which will, in turn, create appearance or form. Soul is the process.

Then Soul decides what is purposeful to bring forward through our active, incarnated life. We are that Soul, we are the buddhic nature of origin, we are the incarnated theater of form and karma. (Karma means energy locked into a certain role or mode.) Everything in our life is the magician-Soul’s desire and intention. And it all is intended to bring about the manifestation of beauty, harmony, brilliance, human genius, inventiveness and understanding into the world.

All of this is buddha karma and is our reason for being. In other words, our buddhic nature is our reason for being in the worlds of form (emanated from the buddhic plane). We are the manifestation of ourselves as buddhic nature proceeding as Soul’s in creative activity with matter.


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