Tranquility of Mind (Step 10c)

tranquility of mind, patanjali.001Meditation has deep roots. Much that we understand of the classical methods of concentration leading to meditation come from the great adept and enlightened being, Patanjali. Little is “known” about him, true to the secret lives of the Great Ones. I believe he lived in the early Atlantean cycle, which is at least 60 thousand years ago. His gift is part of the Ageless Wisdom that recycles and reasserts itself as a compass for humanity – consistently calling us back to center, truth, and humaneness with the Life. I also believe that he reappeared a number of times to restate and re-instate his simple and profound system of yoga of which there are seven levels, the physical postures being only one.

This sutra serves Luminous Perception because we experience our inner light as we express lightness of being. And we expand the range and capacity of our lightness of being through its constant expression. A feed back loop is created that brings benefit to the world, our environment, and our self.


Downloadable podcast: Tranquility of mind

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