Integral: Mother Earth

EarthRenderEvery component of our physical presence is predicated upon and created out of Mother Earth. The integrity of the living form through which we express is born from and will return to Mother Earth. But, human Awareness-Being is not created out of the substances of Earth yet is integral to the evolution of Earth. Note the distinction: human evolutionary contribution to Planet Earth is through and due to Awareness-Being and not the physical form that we incarnate and function through.

The Sunday World Service meditations focus on human Beingness as integral to the evolution and harmonious display of Life on Earth. Through meditation, we remind ourselves of the multitude of ways by which Mother Earth is our mother. Each Sunday something particular is the focus – all spontaneous and generated by the energies, Nature, and Presence of the moment. And, each Sunday World Service meditation calls the practitioner to one of the greater purposes for meditating: generating peace, harmony, gratitude, and light into the collective of human consciousness as an aspect of the layers of Earth consciousness.

I love meditating. I am jazzed to know that its effects on every level are real, which is why I love the Sunday World Service meditation. We are One – all beings are One. Your meditations matter – a lot. Thank you for meditating.


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