A world bettered by human Beingness

Humanity is one.

coast-santorini_Imagine humanity living from the range of human Beingness. In this meditation, we achieve a refined state and experience

  • the experience of wholeness thus no conflict in this state
  • the feeling of fulfillment and contentment thus no sense of lack or grasping in this state
  • no desire to be distracted because this state encompasses truth of Being
  • and, being the direct experience of beauty, inner transcendence, and wholeness,  no beliefs are necessary.

Imagine humanity living from this range of Beingness. Imagine yourself increasingly doing so, and the effect of such in your local world.

May this meditation seed or bring forward that which you are in your full range, and thereby bring forward more of collective human Beingness.


Downloadable podcast: july0515service human beingness

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