Three chakras, one planetary Life

92879-050-578C3D92World Service meditations continue through the break in the rounds. This meditation focuses on the heart, ajna, and crown chakras for their planetary sameness through Life’s expressions. Best to do the meditation for the planet and personal insight, rather than me explaining.


Downloadable podcast: Three chakras, one planetary Life.mp4

3 thoughts on “Three chakras, one planetary Life

  1. Thanks Donna for sharing, this meditation seemed to focus on my agna (third eye). I know you have mentioned that you had some disability, as well as I with low-back, sciatica and hip and spinal fusions. And I wanted your opinion on my ability to meditation, in that I often lay down instead of sit-up like you’re supposed to do given my low back condition. I have rationalized myself that that must be acceptable in the overall scheme of things, but at times I’ve tried to sit up etc. and seemed to have a good, different or heightened awareness during such time (if being difficult). I was wondering if you have any enlightenment or direction to add or advise me regarding this issue. As always Donna, thank you for whom you are and the help you give to me and another.

    1. hi Eric, I’m sorry to hear that you have to navigate pain in your life.

      It is not surprising that you experienced a difference in sitting up for meditation – if that did not produce distracting pain. The reason has to do with being vertical and how the sympathetic systems in our body-mind complex associate vertical with awake and aware and horizontal with sleep and less aware. This can be worked with – but will take a little time and effort, easy to do though.

      The method is to use the creative imagination and visualize yourself in an upright posture. Since you are going to use the imagination – use it fully – and visualize sitting in vajra pose (lotus). Spend several minutes simply visualizing this – not in a formal meditation time – but on its own. Not when you are going to bed either. Visualize it, visualize and feel breathing in this posture, how the central channel is, the difference in how your body feels with organs upright, and such. Maybe after a week or two (don’t rush the process), you could experiment with doing a short meditation after the usual minutes of visualizing yourself in lotus pose.

      You have meditated before in previous lives, and that deep memory is in your etheric and subtle bodies. The bodies respond to the creative imagination as they do the physical. Give it a try. Don’t measure or judge the results, just do it and trust. Peace, brother!

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