Translucent human beingness

buddha 1 copyThe Intermediate level of The Practice of Living Awareness has a two-fold purpose:

  1. to train a practitioner to accomplish deeper states of meditation and awareness,
  2. such that the practitioner lives the wider range of meditation and accessed awareness. The purpose of this is so that one’s life becomes increasingly the manifestation of one’s practice.

This requires two things of the practitioner:

  • constantly increasing transparency
  • and a diligent application of what one learns through The Practice of Living Awareness into one’s daily thoughts, emotions, habits, words, and actions. Only with these two emphases in place can the above two-fold purpose be accomplished.

The Intermediate level of The Practice often uses the foundation of the Entry step of the week, and then takes it into deeper territory and meditative use. Step 1, Smile, directed this group meditation and its instruction.

Podcast: Translucent human beingness 

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