The Perfect Journey, the perfect play

1228184015zmlz5efChoice. The choice to incarnate, the choices in our life, the choice for awareness. Choice is an interesting contemplation, one best engaged throughout one’s day as choices from the most mundane and habitual to the sublime and spontaneous arise, float through, and call us every day.

Awareness is a choice. Or maybe, non-awareness is? Either way, our life seems to be a journey from here to there, from childhood to adulthood, from … . We hear or watch the news and there are thousands of people journeying, migrating away from difficulty and strife, poverty and war with the hope of a new life, a chance to choose betterment. And, this is our Now. Humanity is on its own stage. The actors and the audience are ourselves and that is empowering.

Consciously choosing awareness is to consciously choose! It is the perfect journey: it goes inside. Only there are the larger issues addressed, and we have the power to do so which is why the stage is set so obviously. Each of us, in our lives, are living this truth of being in the truth of moment.

Step into the power of it!



Downloadable podcast: The perfect journey, the perfect play

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