Radiating Equanimity

crossover_by_dreamagic-d30yw0lWe ignite the heart. Its radiance spreads in all directions. Its light and vibration render all people and things equal in their preciousness, in their necessity to world well-being.

Then, we alight the ajna center. Once again, radiance spreads in all directions. This light and vibrational quality makes appearances transparent, as if the outer form of someone or something were see-through. This allows the inner essence to shine through and be what is apparent.

Thirdly, we alight the crown center. Radiance spreads in all directions and elicits a similar response from the crown center of all beings and all manifestation.

The World Service meditations are an exercise in shared vibration. We are one Life, all beings of this Earth. Igniting one’s heart causes a shared ignition of heart in others. The same is so for ajna and crown. Meditation is one part practice, one part understanding of interconnectedness, and one part trust in meditation and interconnectedness.


Downloadable podcast: jan312016service radiating equanimity

Graphic: Crossover by dreamagic on DeviantART

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