1c: Smile. Happy people live longer!

two good friendsOur biology tells us that we are hardwired for happiness and to bring happiness to others. When we smile a cascade of beneficial endorphins flow through our brain. With a smile, our parasympathetic system relaxes; and this happens both when we give a smile or receive one. Infants develop exponentially when in a happy, loving environment and, if the smile is missing on the face of the caregiver, the child’s brain might not develop normally.

The more we smile, the more benefits we bring into the world: benefits to our family, friends, colleagues, and to strangers. A smile will change a challenging decision into an opportunity, difficult news into something we can absorb, and a smile shared invites others to do the same.

We smile, and take a long slow deep breath, and we meditate – breathing in and breathing out.

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