2a. Focus and wonder

tip of the noseMeditation training is pretty straight-forward. It has very few ingredients and those ingredients haven’t changed in thousands of years. Rather like the shape of a well which also hasn’t changed, meditation works perfectly as it is.

Focus and breath are the two most important components of meditation, no matter where in the world one is learning meditation or when in history. The differences in style and lineage have to do with the culture or emphasis of the meditation teacher. These adjust the outcome of the meditation. For example pain reduction, or union with the divine, or emptiness. Focus and breath are still the same primary tools for the variety of outcomes.

Step two, Tip of the nose, cultivates focus. At the same time, it potentially opens one’s perspective and awareness to the wondrous factors of life that are all around us, and could be happening this very moment.


Downloadable podcast: Focus and Wonder


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