Intermediate: Mudra=incarnating energy

Mudra invokes energy by representing the flow of it through movements of the hands or other parts of the body. Mudra stems from a most ancient understanding of humanity’s role as creators within the creative possibilities of life on Earth – in congruence with the Planetary Beingness and his/her macrocosmic intention.

Mudra is a Sanskrit word which interprets as a verb and a noun. As a verb it means to invoke and conduct energy into a demonstration or incarnation or use. As a noun, it refers to components of a physical posture, and is related the word asana. It is the verb that interests us in the Intermediate meditations.

b987 manjushri

Mudra, then, conducts energy and directs it. When used for noble and altruistic reasons of supporting life, then the whole person or the group of people who are conducting become a collective mudra (noun): a form that is expressing the incarnation of invoked energies.

This week’s Intermediate meditations are preparation for the next few weeks to follow, where/when the Intermediate meditators will receive training in mudra as a verb. This is for the purpose of recognizing that one’s entire life is the manifesting expression of mudra as noun.


Downloadable podcast: Mudra=incarnating energy

Here is a good article to complement the thoughts above and in the meditation. In the Intermediate meditations, my intention is to provide opportunity for practitioners to experience the channeling (invocation and conducting) of energy of Life.

Mudras, Channeling Life Force.

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