Intermediate: Mudra – distribution

chinmudraMudra is where energy is commanded. Before that, and most importantly, one’s intention is how energy is commanded, and we are commanding, invoking, demanding, and directing energy all day long. Emotions are energy (e-motion), thoughts are energy (we can feel their vibrancy and force), physical action and movement is energy densified and coordinated. And, of course, there is one’s etheric or auric field which is layers of energy. The etheric fields interact with environments, people, and animals in a constant ubiquitous way.

Mudra is the actualizing point of this invoked and participatory energy. Our chakra system is put into readiness for action (reception and distribution) by our intention. An altruistic motive or intention will utilize a wider range of chakras (minor and major). A selfish intention or motive will utilize more specficity within the chakra system. For example, an altruistic motive behind a hand mudra will primarily call upon the heart, and then the throat, solar plexus, ajna, and alta major, not to mention the hand chakras. A selfish motive will disclude the heart and will only draw upon the knowledge petals of any other chakra engaged.

Though this is technical, it is vital to understand. Kindness, altruism, creative solutions for the whole rather than a clan or oneself will call upon more of the range of our Being through how such motivations elicit the chakra system. Then our action with energy will have its positive or negative karmic trail that results. (merit or detriment)

Ultimately, and every day, we are the actualizing point of our energies and motivations. I hope that our cycle with mudra is helping you as a practitioner understand how powerful you factually are.


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