Intermediate: the wetness of water

inseparable.001The Intermediate practice is examining inseparability, and that one is inseparable from the reality that one creates. There is tremendous empowerment in living with the understanding of inseparability forefront. But, what is inseparability?

An example will help the mind wrap around it. For instance, wetness is inseparable from water. Water, in a liquid state, is wet, will be experienced as wet by any being, also the quality of wetness was not added to liquid water but is natural, innate to liquid water. Wetness is the experienced reality of liquid water, by water as well as by any being who is experiencing liquid water in any way (drinking, sitting in a puddle, walking through a stream, water breaking in the birth of offspring, or other examples).

A human being is inseparable from the reality that that human being lives, thinks he or she is living, and the choices made that will reinforce the reality that he or she is living or thinks he or she is living. In other words, reality is in our mind. Reality is a concoction of beliefs, shoulds, should nots, definitions, sources of temporary happiness and sources of temporary dissatisfaction or boredom. You and I are inseparable from the reality that we create for ourselves.

This means that the possibilities for creative beneficial reality for others and oneself are boundless! One is already unseparated from the reality that one lives, it might as well be one that is more beneficial than detrimental, right?!


Downloadable podcast: Intermediate: like the wetness of water

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