Intermediate: pre-Wesak contemplation: Sameness

cosmic principle of sameness.001The Wesak energy offers us the opportunity to abide within the cosmic principle of Sameness. The Buddha returns to the Earth, aligns with the Lord of the World, the Christ, as well as with all of Hierarchy, Shamballa, and Humanity: this alignment is one of Sameness. The sameness is the quality of pristine, profound, pure Being that is expressing through all these scales of manifesting Being. As Awareness, as Compassion, as Will and Purpose, and as the source of all Activity, this Awareness-Activity-Beingness refracts. It reiterates and emanates through cosmos. As a result, when the Christ (the head of Hierarchy not the historical Jesus) and the Buddha align as two brothers, then we are called to do the same. We are called to look upon all others as self-same, all situations as self-created mirror projections of our inner states. Equally, we are called to deeply and truly realize the sameness as human beings in the human struggle as well as essentially the same pure Beingness.

Today marks the beginning of the full moon cycle. For those who are celebrating the Taurus/Scorpio full moon, this is the Wesak moon. For others around the world, this is the Aries/Libra full moon, and the Festival of Resurrection and Liberation is being honored with meditation.

The principle of Sameness holds good and is appropriate regardless of the full moon focus, as it is a principle that is demonstrating every moment of every day. For example, human beings look to transcendent beings and profound qualities to emulate or to guide them along the Path. Similarly, the cells in our body look to each of us as their lord and guide. The Sun and the Solar Logos shine upon all life on this planet and causes it to grow and mature through its beneficent radiations. As a human being realizes the deeper metaphysical and sublime role as creator and benefactor to the cells of the body, then that human being is as the Sun is to you and I.

Another example of sameness is the role of Hierarchy as the necessary intercessor or conduit between the higher energies of the cosmic Buddha or the Lord of the World and Humanity. In this role, Hierarchy is analogous to the facia or tendons and ligaments in our body without which the muscles could not work. Muscles have to be fastened to the bones in order to stretch and function. Similarly, Humanity cannot be stretched into its capacity of Awareness, Creative Harmonious Expression or Love unless the great teachers, saints, and sages help and guide us. They anchor Humanity to the timeless scaffolding or backbone of existence: Love and Light.

This meditation offers a deep contemplation and participation in these considerations in preparation for the full moon on Thursday night.


Downloadable podcast: Intermediate: pre-Wesak Sameness.mp4

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