12b. Life current and the fields created

earth_magnetic_field_polesEach Sunday in the World Service meditation, a similarity between Mother Earth and ourselves or other beings is highlighted. That is the focus because with greater awareness and appreciation of the oneness and shared livingness (even forms of existence), human beings will live with greater respect, honor, and valuing of Earth and all creatures.

The toroidal flow of a human being is another similarity. Our bio-energy fields are like Mother Earth’s electro-magnetic fields and layers of atmosphere. Our subtle fields are created in the same way that an electro-magnetic field is created: through applying a current to a conduit. For human beings, our life breath is the current and the central channel is the conduit. As we breathe, the fields of our existence are created.

Step 12 enables one to “notice the usually not noticed” again. This time on the level of the subtle fields which interpenetrate each other, dynamically demonstrate through one’s day, and interact with all other fields in existence.

  • Please note that this week is an intense one astrologically. Be mindful, gentle, and kind with others and yourself.
  • Please send loving lighted energy to the world and to the earthquake devastated regions.
  • The full moon online meditation with Spirit Fire and myself is on Friday evening at 8 pm ET. Register here if you are not registered.


Downloadable podcast: Entry: Life current and the fields created

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