Intermediate: The Light of Sacredization

the light of sacredizationWhy does humanity exist? Among the significant reasons is the human capacity to express light.

  • Clarity, ingenuity, integrity, wisdom, and harmonious creativity are expressions of light through creative intelligence.
  • Respect, kindness, care, equanimity, compassion, saving and helping are expressions of light relationally.
  • Lightness of being, humor, the arts, inspiration, aspiration, idealism, optimism, humility, genuineness, patience, calm, serenity, and presence are expressions of light as well.

The truth is that each kingdom on Earth assists in the sacredization of Earth. The qualities and expressions listed here are ways that humanity does.

Each moment is the opportunity to live sacredly. Each interaction with someone is inviting you and I to realize the sacred potential that is that person and, thereby, to elicit and support his or her sacredness to come forward. In this way, the flow of karma is the ongoing act of sacredization.


Downloadable podcast: Intermediate: The Light of Sacredization

2 thoughts on “Intermediate: The Light of Sacredization

  1. This meditation gave me a wonderful awareness, I had the urge to hug my dog because I couldn’t get in touch with love. I realized by taking in love in the here and now (the pure love my dog gives me) that awareness of love JUST IS. No expectations, no words, just love, in the moment

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