Generative and Intermediate: The Cosmic Quality of Space in You

cosmic principle of sameness.001Three qualities pervade all Awareness, all modes of consciousness, and all manifestation. Those fundamental three qualities permeate, permutate, qualify and condition, or are the condition of all there IS. They are luminosity, vibrancy, and continuity.

Luminosity is a word describing the ever-present quality of light. Clarity, transparency, iridescence, brilliance, sharpness, lightness of being, gaiety, humor, shades of light and shadow, the moonlight, the sunlight, heart’s light, a smile, kindness, appreciation, all of these and many more are the experience of the fundamental quality of light.

Vibrancy is a word describing the ever-present quality of vitality, vibration, how life itself is scintillating, that even in death the processes liberate cells, consciousness, and angelic life. They are very dynamic in decomposition and transformation. Water is dynamic, storms are, emotions are, thought processes are, Awareness is. All that IS expresses and is born from Vibrancy.

The third quality is continuity or continuousness. With that one considers all expressions of smooth, gentle, flowing, unending, pervasive, non-interrupted, undefiled, forever, trajectory, and stable.

In this last meditation of the Intermediate and Generative stages, we engage Space which obviously is continuous and unbroken, which is vital and vibrating with existences, and is clear, transparent, as well as births all light.

  • The Practice round is complete for now. We will resume the week of June 6. Until then, Sunday World Service meditations and Full Moon meditations are the only ones that will continue live. Please register for the new Round before June 6, and please keep up your practice. The world needs all the consciousness that humanity can bring forward!


Downloadable podcast: Intermediate: The Cosmic Principle of Peace-Space

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