Intermediate: Living Life as Sacred

the light of sacredizationNamaste is Sanskrit. It means “I honor the presence in you,” or “I see the light in you,” or less dualistic “I bow to presence and being” as one bows to the person one is with. Namaste is an salutation that comes from a spiritual orientation of recognizing all in existence as sacred. Everyone and everything – including oneself – is sacred in this teaching and way of living.

Tibetan Buddhism received this practice from India. Within Tibetan Buddhism, this honoring or living according to the light of sacredization because the creative imaginative process of retraining the mind, emotions, and how one lives one’s life to be buddha-like. Everyone is a buddha – and to be engaged as such, everything is a manifestation of buddha nature, and all circumstances are the display of awareness, bliss, and radiance. Living as such, depersonalizes situations, emphasizes respect, courtesy, kindness, and genuininess, and undoes pettiness, self-importance, impatience and cruelty.

To live from the idea or the knowing that all is sacred is a powerful way to live. Using the creative imagination is simply the beginning of what quickly becomes a profound living awareness.


Downloadable podcast: Intermediate: sacred

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