A few articles on aspects of meditation

chinmudraVolumes have been written about meditation over centuries and even more has been taught orally. Meditation is one of the oldest skills passed down from one to another. Like women passing on the wisdom of mothering, or the village passing along the skills of weaving or fire making or herbs for health, the wisdom and skill of meditating keeps being passed along from one person to another.

You’ve experienced this in however you first came to a meditation sitting. Did a friend tell you? Did you read something that inspired you to try meditation? Was it current scientific research and evidence or a medical reason that motivated you to learn the skill of meditation? Or did you simply know that you had to sit and get quiet inside?

Our past life training is with us in all our skills. Learning meditation now means it will be inside oneself forever. And if one finds meditation fairly easy or absolutely necessary to one’s day, then one has trained before.

Enjoy these few articles. The Practice starts again on June 6.

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