1b: the transformative power of a smile

two good friendsDo you know what happens when you smile?

  • Excellent endorphins are generated in your brain.
  • They, then, affect the biochemistry of the entire human body. As a result, our brain, gut, heart, colon, circulatory system, and eliminatory system work better.
  • These biochemical changes resultant from smiling support ease, calm, peace, patience, and adaptability within our emotions.
  • As a result of the emotions being calm and receptive, our mind works better, with greater clarity, and expansive thinking processes.

And those are not all!

  • Literally, a smile lights our brain. The neural pathways and the synapses light up with a definite luminescence when we experience happiness, understanding, and delight. These all are qualities of awareness that we smile with.
  • The heart is now recognized as a second brain. The heart’s vibrational field, its electromagnetic output, increases with a smile, happiness, calm, and flowing with change rather than contracting against it. Thus, truly, a smile changes everything!

Smile is the first step in The Practice of Living Awareness for very good reasons related to wholeness as a human being, clarity of mind, ease of emotions, overall good health and well-being, as well as a beneficial way to begin one’s meditation and one’s day.


Downloadable podcast: Entry: the transformative power of a smile

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