Intermediate: Tantric ground

ah_by_infinitefiend-d395ivjTantric meditation and a tantric orientation in life is one of constantly bringing two qualities of Being into union and then sustaining that unified state. On the cushion that might be experienced through clarity and expansiveness (awareness and heart) being ripened and then sustained as a state. Off the cushion the same two qualities would be lived from such that one would speak with clarity, choose with clear understanding of ramifications or results in mind, and bring clarity into the one’s body through healthy eating and habits of well-being. Expansiveness also would be lived through equanimity, openness of mind, inclusivity, respect, kindness, courtesy, and care.

Tantra has many layers of meaning and several levels of practice. Within The Practice of Living Awareness, it is the Awareness and Livingness aspects of tantra that are of interest.

This meditation is instructive in this regard.


Downloadable podcast: Entry: living the excellence of awareness

Graphic: Ah by Infinitefiend on DeviantART

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