Intermediate: Miracles

GGImage3Awareness as it is experiences each moment as a miracle, a miraculous experience of the normalcy of the extraordinary. Awareness is the clarity and transparency of understanding that there is more here than meets the eye, the ego, or the usual frames of reference. Awareness is the sparkle and the tickle of “Ah,” and the revelations that reside within each moment, event, circumstance, and word.

I’ve been in the joyous flow of care-giving for my 82 years old mother for the last six weeks. All has gone well in her post-knee replacement process and she was physically ready to start driving again, but not emotionally-mentally ready. Then I fell, hit my head on a concrete floor, and she sprang into action.

The external event, that would have been seen by most as “terrible” or “too bad” was perfect to shift my mom into what she was fully capable of doing and being. Truth was, I needed a few days rest – which is why I fell. Rest was ensured with a concussion! Now, both of us are fully ready to move on into the next chapter’s of our lives.

It all was perfect. It always is.


Downloadable podcast: Intermediate: Miracles

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