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the_stream__gently__down__by_brittnibear21-d3h31h6Children live from natural awareness. Every moment is inquisitive, wonder-full, and new. The textures are fresh, sounds are interesting, words are gaining meaning. Children live the already-present awareness of Presence, and adults can too. Doing so is called meditation.

True meditation has one goal: Presence. The word Presence signifies a combination of qualities: Aware, freed, experiencing the Now as it IS, and living from all of these in the moment. As such the moment is new, fresh, wonder-full. We are present, in delight, and wise at the same time. Meditation on the cushion leads to living life with the same presence, insight, and contentment.

Release is a necessary ingredient in one’s sitting practice in order to experience, and eventually accomplish a stabilization of oneself in a continuity of contentment and Awareness. We learn to release the ego from the moment, learn to dissolve the need to label, codify, and know in an informational way. This release allows the moment, its experiences, and the freshness of Awareness to all come forward from within, released from the background of distraction and shoulds.


Downloadable podcast: Entry: Like a child

Graphic: The Stream Gently Down by BrittaniBear on DeviantART