Generative: Chenrezig – boundless and immeasurable

Would you like to experience boundless energy? Then bring forward immeasurable joy.

Would you like to receive ceaseless kindness and respect, politeness and courtesy? Then flawlessly offer these to everyone you encounter every day.

Would you like to live in a peaceful, just, and beautiful society – or even better – such a world? Then realize the catalyst that you are for the transformation of humanity through demonstrating absolute equanimity, uprightness, wisdom and justice.

And, would you like to experience a world eased of all suffering? No predation, no greed, no selfishness, no ambiguity, no violence, no harsh words ever thought or said? Then be compassion, boundless, immeasurable, always flowering and bearing the results of benefit and excellence.

Chenrezig.001Chenrezig (Tibetan form of Avolokiteshvara) is four-armed, sits in vajra (lotus) posture of meditation, smiles with uncompromised serenity and understanding, and holds –as supreme– the wish-fulfilling gem of the heart (bodhichitta). He, like all buddhas and bodhisattvas represents the limitless capacity of a human being. Chenrezig emphasizes the human capacity for boundless loving kindness, boundless joy, boundless equanimity, and boundless compassion.

Step 1: In a Chenrezig practice, one first contemplates what boundless or immeasurable means. Boundless: unlimited, ceaseless, unrestrained, unconditioned by circumstances or otherwise conditioning factors. Immeasurable: always and always expanding or ever more inclusive, uncountable, unfathomable, inconceivable, beyond measure and quantification of any kind.

Step 2: Next, one contemplates what restrains boundless joy and its dynamic vitality? How are serenity and composure altered such that frustration or pettiness or impatience reside instead? What mitigates understanding, and doing so, mitigates care and kindness? Why does one default to the weakened position of selfhishness rather than arising to and abiding as the courageous position of selflessness? And what is the heart? the heart of the matter? the heart of a human being? the heart of understanding? What is bodhichitta – the heart of awakening/the heart of awakeness?

Should one desire a changed world, transformation of a habit or situation, to understand oneself, to invent, create, be present, be happy, or want to provide these things for others, then take on Step 1 and 2. See what results.

This meditation has long silences and profound potential.


Downloadable podcast: Generative: Chenrezig


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