1c: Benevolence

“Smile as the great benevolent being that you are. Smile, blessing everyone and everything in your day.” (from the meditation)

His HolinessTo remind oneself of the truth of who and what one is sets the moment right. No moment is about impatience, harsh words, degrading thoughts or actions toward someone, or punitive thoughts about oneself. No moment is truly that, and you and I are not either. In truth, a human being incarnates to bring goodness into the world and to others. Reminding ourselves of this is to remind ourselves of who and what we are.

The world is full of people that have forgotten this fundamental truth of being. Don’t be one of them. Instead, bless others through the day with goodness, generosity, respect, and humor. Give others your time, your money if it is needed, your wisdom when sought. Smile, breathe, and feel the truth of yourself. It is good. Bring yourself to each moment, and bless it.


Downloadable: Entry: Benevolent

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