Point of Attention, Step 2b

ThothThoth was the Ancient Egyptian god of wisdom. Due to the vibrancy and comprehensiveness of wisdom, Thoth is also said to have brought forward the arts, philosophy, culture, civilization, and diplomacy. In all traditions, the gods and goddesses are pointing at qualities within human beings in addition to being Beings in their own right. With wisdom forefront, humanity can produce a world where philosophy, culture, the arts, and a civil life are the primary qualities.

Thoth’s beak-nose is being used also to indicate Step 2 of The Practice of Living Awareness. This step is about the tip of the nose and its relation to focus, creating a point of attention, and focus being an interface between the practitioner and his or her existence.

In meditation training, focus leads to attention, attention leads to concentration, concentration leads to yogic meditation, and meditation leads to samadhi. Samadhi leads to the processes of enlightenment.

In meditation, focus is the ability to stabilize one’s intention, to hold one’s common level of mind in a way that allows more of its potential to come forward.



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