Inter: Padme – the seed and all its manifestations

lotus-flowerPadme means lotus, but it’s not that simple. The seed that eventually manifests as a blossoming lotus first produces roots, then a stem, then leaves, a bud, then blossom, pistils, stamen, and then seed again. All these manifestations are within the seed of lotus just as the diverse expressions of compassion and wisdom are within the essence of heart-mind.

Because padme means lotus, it also refers to its unfolding. Symbolically, then, it refers to all that is circumstantially necessary to produce the unfolding of the lotus. The causes, conditions, events, and processes that bring the lotus forward and sustain its growth are inferred in the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. The same applies to one’s life then: one’s life is the set of causes, conditions, circumstances, and events that are present for the express reason to mature the quality of heart-mind in a person. This is so powerful to understand and then to live by.

Compassion has so many expressions – like the root, stalk, leaves, bud, blossom, and seed of the lotus flower. Compassion and wisdom are one, not two, thus wisdom also has many diverse expressions. As such,

  • may patience and respect be our ground,
  • may kindness be our root,
  • may genuine interest in the well being of others be our stem,
  • may a clear understanding of interdependence of life be our bud,
  • may constancy of heart and wisdom be the blossom of each and every moment.

Namaste – OM Mani Padme Hum


Downloadable: Inter: Padme – the-seed of Compassion

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