Are you Really Listening?


Life is so busy and that fullness is often the excuse to not listen, I mean to really listen.  Listening is a wonderful gift of presence.  We are reminded to be present and listen to others, really listen to what they are saying, without judging, and without planning our response before hearing the other.

Listening is also a precious gift to the self.  In the busy-ness of the day, do we stop and listen to ourselves? It is important to listen to our bodies, such as do we need to get more sleep, eat more nutritiously, exercise, or not push the body so hard?  Listen to the emotions, the feeling sense be it happy, sad, frustration, excitement – take the time to listen and feel into the emotions.  Do you listen to your mind?  Often it is so full of chatter that keeps circling back to the same thoughts, ad nauseum….!  Is that where you want to place your attention?

We can learn to listen to the innermost self, the wise presence that is always there, waiting for us to still the chatter, enter stillness and just be present and listen.  Listen to your our own heart, wisdom, brilliance, and direction.  This is available if we stop and pay attention, bring awareness to the moment and to the inner stillness.  Let’s really listen!

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