Hovering at Infinity’s Door


Nature’s abundance offers us many lessons if we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Parallels can be drawn between one’s meditation practice and hummingbirds. Their wings move in a figure 8 pattern, otherwise known as the infinity sign.  They have a large hippocampus in the brain for spatial memory, which holds the map for flowers previously visited for nectar.  Meditation has been found to enlarge the hippocampus in humans, and meditation can lead us to the sweet nectar and awareness of Consciousness.  Hummingbirds eat mosquitos and gnats – which metaphorically can relate to the thoughts and feelings that stream in during meditation. Hummingbirds are known to revisit the same gardens and feeders year after year. We revisit the same pathways in meditation – expanding our map until we can access infinity or the non-dual state of One-ness.

Nature reminds us to take the time to notice and enjoy the sweet nectar of life, which may lead us to infinity. Be that sweet nectar!

Downloadable Podcast:  Hovering at Infinity’s Door

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