Shifting Landscapes

lava flow


Shifting landscapes that we witness occurring through volcanos, earthquakes, hurricanes, drought, tornadoes etc., can be a metaphor for the shifting of our own internal landscape. In this powerful photo taken by Mandy Beerly in Hawaii, we see the awesome beauty, power and destruction of nature at work.  The waves, lava, and steam eat away at the land, while also leaving deposits for new landmass.  Of course there is also great loss and sadness for those impacted by these changes.  The changes within our own inner landscape are often preceded or stimulated by turbulence, fire, heat, steam and loss (and often by joy as well).  It may feel as if our own tectonic plates are shifting, sometimes causing great upheaval in the life, and the ground seems unstable or unfamiliar.  When recognized, we can move through these times of inner change with patience, compassion and an openness to the unknown, the potential and the new ground being laid beneath our feet.  Let’s meditate!


Downloadable Podcast:  Shifting Landscapes




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