Just enough – Step 7

breath-flowingAt the fullness of the in-breath is the experience of just enough. We have taken in enough oxygen to support the needs of our body and brain. The extension of the out-breath is similar: just enough. We have released that which no longer serves our body or brain.

Just enough, experienced through the interlude of the breath, is a perfect practice to bring into one’s day. The top of the breath is the experience of satiety. When a craving or desire arises, if we breathe and accentuate the top of the in-breath, the craving will often dissipate. Imagine the calories, money, and time that could be saved by simply breathing with the interlude of the breath as a method to address cravings and desires?

Similarly, the fullness of the out-breath is another interlude with another feeling of satiety. We have had enough. Use this interlude to feel complete with a conversation, a thought, a plate of food, or as an antidote to the feeling of being rushed. Elongate the out-breath. Experience the satiety of completion that is at this interlude of the breath. Then be done.

Use both through the day. Remember meditation is an experience not a thought process. Your living awareness is the result of taking The Practice in hand, using it, and experiencing the results.

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