“We smile, and take a long-slow-deep breath …”

Meditate8It is that simple. Awareness is one’s choice. Smiling, letting go, letting be, rejoicing, celebrating, appreciating, understanding all are one’s choice. Patience, contentment, ease, composure also are one’s choice. Similarly, so distraction, rudeness, impatience, agitation, aggravation, denial, and heedlessness are too. Life is one’s choice.

And giving one’s self this truth – Awareness is one’s choice – is the true priceless gift. Right now patience is your choice. Right now understanding is your choice. There is no other moment, and this is the opportunity presenting itself for your action of choice. Its people and circumstances, as well as the you of this moment have cosmically converged so that you can make a choice.

Choose Awareness.

And then next moment, choose Awareness again. And again, and again.

Welcome back!


Or a downloadable podcast. Take it with you: Choose Awareness

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