Crocus awakening: soften open

crocus_flowers_spring-t2Spring is coming! Here in New England, we still have deep snow on the ground, but the sap is running and the birds are returning. The windy days and the increased sun thaw the trees from their long sleep. Nature is softening in order to open and bring forward its fertility.

The same is so with us. Softening is wisdom. Opening is more of the same. In that moment is all possibilities. Ice makes nothing grow, but melted snow brings forward the crocuses.

Nature is an amazing teacher, just like or lungs!


Downloadable podcast: Crocus. soften open

2 thoughts on “Crocus awakening: soften open

  1. Dear Donna

    That was Awesome! I just podcast this mornings meditation while in the car as Kenny drove and puppies slept as the sun set in the mountains of the Shanedohah!

    Awesome & Wonderful! I want to be present for the entire beginners series in The Practice of Awareness entering again into a daily meditation practice. So I thank you for making this possible.

    Softened & Open, Regina Maria

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    1. Yes, Spring calls us to this powerful truth that softening and opening makes life possible. Contracting is to be like cement. Nothing grows in cement. It is barren.

      It will be this awakening that will change, and is changing, how humanity lives with itself. Softening and opening means listening to others, to our body, to our planet, to our unhappiness, to our chasing those unhappy blues away through distraction on a personal level and fear and war on a greater level. We will soften to the cement-like infertile lack of life that is fostered by a modern ethos, and we are saying no by noticing the crocuses.

      Thank you for writing and for Being!

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