Two meditations with daring

garudaAre you struggling with or within yourself? If so, you are experiencing the necessary juncture before daring. We have to feel caged or contracted in order to desire freedom. Yet in that contracted state, we might not notice that society itself is acting like a caged animal or that people are not living from their being but living in the tight wad of contraction. It’s then that daring must arise like a sprout in the Spring.

The Aries full moon cycle is especially powerful this year with Uranus, Mercury, and the Sun in Aries. Uranus and Mercury rule Aries on esoteric levels and the Sun is exalted in Aries. These combine with Jupiter in Leo to bring forward the urge to demonstrate one’s truth and newness. It is a call to humanity. We are spiritual fire incarnated to bring excellence to life. The Wise Ones have been saying it for a while: “Now is the time for daring.”

Tuesday’s Intermediate meditation: The fires of daring

Thursday’s Intermediate meditation: In the cross hairs of daring

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