Peace and Quiet

budha faceThere are  many reasons to learn to meditate, but one is inner quiet. The interlude between the breaths is an excellent example of this. The interlude after breathing in is the point of “just enough” registered by the body/lungs. The interlude after breathing out also is a point of “just enough” once again registered by our body/lungs. It is a space of neither in nor out, a moment of non-doing. It is a precious opportunity to register the sensation of “just enough” and of non-doing.

Peace and quiet are present in multiple phases of learning to meditate or in sustaining a state of meditation. For The Practice of Living Awareness, peace begins with the Smile, and quiet begins with the long, slow, deep Breath. Then, with practice, inner peace and quiet will become the norm during a sitting and shamatha (peaceful abiding) be established. With that, joyful peacefulness and a patient demeanor will pervade our daily expression.

This is the second Entry meditation of Interlude, Step 7.


Downloadable podcast: Shamatha peace and quiet


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