Enlightenment is the space between: interlude

Milarepa, a great Tibetan yogi and enlightened being, was asked about enlightenment. He said, “It is the space between thoughts.”

budha faceThe interlude of the breath is the way to discover this. Enlightenment is a particular neutrality that is lived within each moment. It is not attracted to anything because the state of enlightenment perceives all as equal – to the point of extra-ordinary in a profound way. Enlightenment has nothing to avoid or fight against either because the same dynamic neutrality perceives no other. Enlightenment is a constant horizon where a seeming two are meeting but those two are simply vibration and nothing more.

The interlude is the space between, it is the neutrality, and the space between thoughts that Milarepa spoke of. Practice it by noticing how the breath simply flows. When you need clarity or an openness of mind or emotion, focus on and sustain the in-breath interlude. When you need groundedness, or to touch into your core and authenticity, focus on the out-breath interlude. You will find stability and contentment.

Downloadable podcast: Enlightenment is the space between

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