June full moon meditation: webcast/podcast

June Full Moon.001At one point in Earth’s history, the plant kingdom was new and was the newest form of evolution on Earth. Humanity is that now (and has been for quite some time). We are a new evolution on Earth. Understanding this for all its significance is huge.

Human excellence is within each person. This, and this alone, will redirect humanity. We are layers of dimensional-being. A human being is a composite of sets or pairs within.

  • heart and solar plexus, and the other pairs of chakras within
  • the personal self and the glorious Soul
  • the Soul and the kingdom of human Soul-ar bengness.

This meditation offers a deep meditation on such considerations in service to the world. It is prefaced with about 10 minutes of teaching related to the full moon.

Downloadable podcast: June full moon dimensions

Webcast with opening visual presentation:

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