Roots = in this together

Roots_by_seventhHumanity is in trouble. Violence is in common language, common actions, and part of common entertainment. Violence effects millions of people directly through war, poverty, abuse, slavery, and sexual misconduct. Violence is often the first thought or action regarding Nature – to kill bugs, mice, trees – pesticides, fish farms, feed lots, factory farming of any kind, all of these interact with Life in a violent, controlling, and malicious way.

Meditators of the world have a role in this troubled world: to bring forward the heart and its livingness of the Path and, thus, interconnectedness. The troubled state of humanity and how it interacts with life will only be changed as humanity lives from the wisdom, ethics, and compassion of the heart and realizes that “we are all in this together.”

Bring forward your meditation practice throughout your day. Be the heart and kindness that the world needs. Be the maturity of the Path that humanity needs to see, hear, and experience. Be rooted in the ground of Being and bring excellence into the ground of your life.

Webcast: Roots = in this together

Podcast: Roots = in this together 

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