Change of seasons … for humanity

heart_leaf_by_TerrificGirlSeasons change, animals move on, leaves change color and somersault through the air landing softly on the ground. Do people have seasons or cycles of change? We are having one right now, and many have come before.

A new age is upon us from the outside and the in. On the outside, the effects of human consumption and waste have caused the degradation of every ecosystem, such that what might be a normal planetary warming and cooling cycle is out of proportion, heating the Earth faster than ever before. Global climate change is a big change in macro seasons. From the inside, humanity is weary of the results of greed: poverty, war, aggression, waste, and the preying upon the civil and small by the bullying and big. Children on YouTube, as well as streams of refugees, call humanity to migrate away from a way of living whose cost is life itself. From the inside, our season is changing.

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Downloadable podcast: Change of seasons for humanity

The below video is a sign of our times. (more than likely she is 3 not 6.)

Posted by Collective Evolution on Thursday, September 24, 2015