The Gift of Ease

6a01156f7e3eba970c0133f58ec0fb970b-800wiFeel release. Sit for a moment, breathe in and then breathe out, and abide within the ease of letting go. Continue to breathe normally, but also continue to abide within the restful contentment and ease of release.

The repetition of this simple exercise provides a powerful integrative experience: ease is being cultivated, peace is being experienced, spaciousness and contentment are being fostered. In this way, in the supportive environment of a meditation sitting, the natural space and ease within a moment is being recognized and experienced. Giving oneself this experience is to gift one with its cultivation and, thereby, be able to call upon ease, contentment, and spaciousness in any moment. The moment, its circumstances, as well as the people and voices involved, can be experienced with this space and generosity of spirit and mind. Give it a try. Give yourself and them this gift.


Downloadable podcast: The Gift of Ease

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