Ordinary Awareness

116768618617820522138425422473778324912I find myself challenged to write about the current cycle of meditations – simply because the teaching and the meditations attempt to illumine the obvious. Awareness is awareness! Awareness is clear, present, vibrant, and now. Awareness is not something else. It is not the ideas that we have or project about awareness. Awareness is not an ideal, not something that we have to strive for, or pay money for. It is the very awareness that you ARE right now.



Ah, you did it! You thought. You wondered, right? “Awareness is what right now?” “Awareness is this…. this what?”

Yeh, that’s why it’s hard to write about this cycle of meditations! I guess you’ll just have to experience the meditation for yourself. 🌸


Downloadable podcast: Ordinary awareness

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